Giving Thanks/Offering Acknowledgement: Beatty’s Maxim #6

Some notes I’ve received from colleagues in the past month.
Cards I received for completing my PhD
Al Coty with my mom, Suzi. (You can tell by Mom’s HUGE glasses that this was taken in the 80s)

1. Thank you notes and updates set a tone for future discussions.

2. Thank you notes and updates are just a civil part of social relations, showing an appreciation for the effort expended.

3. A thank you note also serves as a mnemonic device to keep the individual’s name and face in front of the faculty member or potential employer.

4. Generally, I find that the students who write thank you notes or send updates are the students who function in a professional manner in other respects and with whom I have the most meaningful conversations on their professional development.

5. And the point I consider most important, a thank you note or progress update simply lets the advisor know that the conversations, advising sessions, etc. are considered of value by the recipient…. Was it worthwhile? Then let them know. They will be more likely to assist both you and others in the future.

Artwork commissioned by Wilkening Consulting for the Lyndhurst Group.



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Bob Beatty

Bob Beatty

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